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205 SE Spokane St, Ste. 300 Portland, OR 97002

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(503) 515-6187

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NMLS employee number: 113654

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Greg Downey

- I love my job

Why else would I still be here when more than 2/3 of my peers have been wiped out? I have been thinking about money and finance since my dad helped me buy my first stock in Boeing Co. when I was 12 years old. By the time I graduated high school, I had already managed to save thousands of dollars while working only part-time in the summers and evenings. Make no mistake - 2008 and 2009 will go down as some of the hardest years our economy has ever endured - but my conservative approach to investing and living has allowed me to stay in business while thousands of my peers exited the industry. That same philosophy infuses every piece of advice you will get from me. In other words, I'm not in this for the transaction. I'm in this for a lifetime relationship that will see you successfully achieving your financial goals. Please give me a call and let me at least discuss your mortgage scenario with you. There's never an obligation to work with me, but I confidently promise you will hear at least one piece of wealth-generating advice you won't get from the average loan officer. Click the Free Consultation button below to submit your application and get my experienced perspective on your finance alternatives.


NMLS 113654

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